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Top O Levels Tutors

We help you to find the best tutor according to your requirements

Jahanzaib Zuberi

ID 5488
Qualification MBA

Raahim Salman

ID 6464
Qualification BDS (Altamash)

Misbah Uddin

ID 3834
Qualification M.E (NED)

Khurram Khan

ID 6165
Qualification MBA,Msc

Meet Our Instructors

To make concepts cleared by unique methodologies according to the caliber of students

Waqar Azeem

ID 3862
Qualification M.E (NED)

Shahrukh Aslam

ID 5862
Qualification BE (NED)

Raheel Farooq

ID 6321
Qualification Bsc
(Medical Physiology)

Muneeb Ur Rehman

ID 5413
Qualification BE
(DHA Suffa)

Hire Tutor in 4 Easy Steps

Tell Us Your Requirements

Our representative would listen to you properly and note all your requirements. What you want to learn, what time you want, Tutor’s gender, your budget etc

Schedule Meetings With Tutors

We filter our database of tutors according to your requirements and provide your contact details to them. You may schedule your meeting time with tutors according to your convenience.

Free Demonstration Class

You may have a free demonstration class and decide your fee, number of tutoring days etc. with the tutor.

Make Payments And Start Learning

You need to make payment in advance to FAHAD Tutors. Once you make payment to tutors directly, now FAHAD Tutors does not take guarantee of the tutor and shall not be responsible

Online Tutoring Services Available

We understand the need of students. Therefore, we have brought a way for online tutoring. Through any tool in which you feel comfortable, install it and schedule your time with our tutor for online tutoring whether there is any subject or class, feel free to contact us. There are thousands of qualified and experienced tutors, providing their services for home and online tuition. In today’s world there is an ease in online tutoring, whereas go to different places for studies getting difficult due to many reasons. When you contact us for online tuition, we may note down all your details including your desired timings, class, subject, budget and all your requirements then after meeting all your requirements, our tutor would contact you and schedule meeting time whether it is for online or home tuition. We consider all clients requirements and provided services accordingly. For further details, contact us.

Why Should You Choose us

Experience Letter

We are here to provide experience letters to those who are associated with us. You may a review of our policies and terms related to experience letter.

Sell online courses

If you have expertise in any subject and you wish to sell your course/techniques/videos etc through our platform. We welcome you to use it. We charge a tiny amount as a commission to use our platform

Tuitions Near your Home

We consider “convenience” of both tutors and students. Tutors may opt tuition, we also give preference to those who live near to that specific tuition they asked for

Training/ Workshops

We arrange training and workshops on different topics (technical/non-technical) all over Pakistan including major cities Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad

Home & Online Tuition

A tutor can get him/herself registered and opt any option, interested in. The tutor will be informed about every tuition through text and student’s details will be given after showing his/her interest


Our senior and professional writers from diverse background perform this task in an effective and efficient manner and fulfill the demand of clients according to their assignments and budget requirements