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We have Alhamdulillah 100% verified and experienced online Quran Male and Female Tutors in reasonable fee. All courses consists Tajweed, Hifz, Recitation, Islamic supplications (Duain), Arabic Language, Tafseer.

Learn Quran with Tajweed Online With our 100% certified tutors. Classes will be held on Skype/Zoom according to your scheduled time and days. Start Today and have free 3 days trial classes with our verified tutors. Our services are 24/7 for national and international students with reasonable fee.

 We offer 3 days Demo/Free Trial classes to all our national and international students and provide rapid services. Classes are held 5 days a week. We also offer weekend classes as well. Online Quran learning with Tajweed for kids and adults, If Quran online teacher required anywhere in the World, we are here to serve you as we are the best Quran academy for online Quran tuition. We are working as a Quran school to provide Quran e learning on Skype/Zoom. All online Quran classes will be held on Skype/Zoom.

 If Quran tutor required anywhere in the World, we are here to serve you to provide Quran e learning 24/7 rapid services to all our national and international students.

Learn Quran Pak with Tajweed and recitation with our 100% verified and expert online tutors. Online Quran classes for kids and adults and provide you the easiest way for e learning. Start today with our expert tutors and have 3 Days Demo/Free Trial classes on Skype/Zoom.

Course Outline:

  • Noorani Qaida
  • Quran Foundation (Basic Tajweed)
  • Read Quran With Tajweed
  • Online Quran Memorization
  • Islamic Studies For Kids
  • Quran for Beginners
  • Tajweed Course
  • Learn 10 Qirat Online
  • Pillars of Islam & Belief Systems
  • Islamic Supplications (Duain)
  • Ijazah Course Online
  • Learn Arabic Online

 Key Features:

  • 24/7 Services
  • Online Quran Classes
  • Learn Online With Tajweed
  • Learn Arabic Online
  • Learn Recitation Online
  • 100% Verified Quran Tutors
  • Quran Tutors For Kids & Adults
  • Online Quran Services Worldwide
  • USA, UK, Canada, Australia
  • No advance fee to any tutor
  • Learn Online
  • Online Classes on Skype/Zoom
  • Learn Islamic supplications (Duain)
  • Reasonable Fee
  • Weekdays & Weekends Classes
  • Quran School

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