About Us

It all began with an easy exposure—the classroom setting is often unable to suitably unlock the true learning potential of each student. Fahad Tutors Academy was created 5 years ago to not just provide basic tutoring sessions that serve as another classroom, but provide personalized tutoring that takes into consideration each student’s exclusive learning style to empower students to get their full potential. This approach has set Fahad Tutor Academy apart in an educational industry that often fell into conformity.

We provide fast and Best Home Tuition services all over Pakistan and Online Tuition services all over the World according to the requirements. Academy consists thousands of professional tutors from diverse background (Medical, Engineering, Business, Fashion etc) FAHAD Tutors Academy is one of the prime networks of professional tutors, servicing for years to our students and tutors and get highly regarded status among other academies. We do not only provide academic tutoring services, but importance all our tutors and students.

FAHAD Tutor Academy is a Trusted & Well reputed name in the Education sector of Karachi. Provides Qualified, Experienced, Dedicated and greatly Skilled Professionals HOME TUTORS For All Classes & Subjects At All levels.


  • Teachers, former teachers, and professional tutors.
  • Have a specialty in tutoring students with a range of learning differences and disabilities.
  • Adapt their teaching mode to best suit every student’s learning requirement.
  • Give an enrichment to each student should regular, school-assigned work not adequate to
  • Reinforce concepts.
  • Lend homework and support.
  • Offer guidance, positive reinforcement, routine and encouragement.


We meet in the ease of your home or any other preferable location. At your convenience and on your schedule: mornings, afternoons, and evenings on weekdays and weekends. Each session is private. Each student gets the complete attention of a talented and experienced tutor.


Our Mission

To educate people by providing Comprehensive, Individually focused learning that prepares Students of all ages for Academic and life Success based upon their unique Needs and Goals.

Why Should We?

To provide a platform where FAHAD Tutors Academy has a solution to every problem regarding studies. To provide a place for exchanging the ideas and knowledge. To help students and their parents by emitting administrative problems of studies

Why Choose FAHAD Tutors Academy:

There are many tutoring services out there, so what makes FAHAD Tutors Academy the right fit for your academic needs?

We teach students of all ages, ranging from elementary school to adult college courses. Our tutors employ a unique academic game plan paired with the foundational knowledge and skills students need to conquer their educational challenges. And most importantly, we’re with you every step of the way to guide you through your educational journey. We provide fast Home Tuition services all over Pakistan and Online Tuition services all over the World according to the requirements. Academy consists thousands of professional tutors from diverse background (medical, Engineering, Business, Fashion etc).

FAHAD Tutors Academy is one of the largest networks of professional tutors, servicing for years to our students and tutors and achieved reputable status among other academies. We do not only provide tutoring but value all our tutors and students. Our teachers also believe that students are the architect of their nation and the parents don’t hesitate to approach such teachers from our unique academy.

Our representative would listen to you and note down all requirements, provide services accordingly. It would be a rapid service.

The Name of Trust and Reliability

University Qualified Tutors

Subject Specialist Tutor

Online Tutor Facility

Free Demonstration Class

Complete Documentation of Tutors

Below are some of our distinct features which give us an edge over other Tuition providers.

Ease of Searching Tutor:

FAHAD Tutors Academy, we provide a platform for students who wish to achieve success in their examinations. Our search engine helps students to look for the right professional based on area, experience, education and other criteria. It makes their task of ‘finding tutor’ simple and easy.


We provide competent and result oriented tutors at a very affordable fee.

Flexible Timings:

The time of the tutorial session is fixed by the student or by his/her family according to their convenience. As a result, the student shall not miss out on any important topics.

Verified Tutors:

Security is a key issue in this era and one can’t rely on an unknown person. We, at FAHAD Tutors Academy take into account this concern very seriously. We verify the credentials of all our tutors i.e. their CNIC Number, Qualification, Phone Number, Experiences and Address to ensure the security of Students and Parents.

Tutors Qualified from Reputed Institutions:

Most of our Tutors are Qualified from Reputed institutes of Pakistan and Other Institutes around the world.

Subject Specialist:

Our Team comprises of Subject Specialist and Class Specialist who are designated to teach according to their area of expertise. Our tutors are Qualified & Professional Teachers who are available to provide private tuition outside normal working hours.